Public Allocation Amounts

PLEASE NOTE: This public dashboard was created by the Directing Administrator of the Distributor Settlement Agreement, dated as of July 21, 2021, between and among the Settling States, the Settling Distributors, and Participating Subdivisions (the “Distributor Settlement Agreement”) and the Janssen Settlement Agreement, dated as of July 21, 2021, between and among the Settling States, Janssen, and Participating Subdivisions (the “Janssen Settlement Agreement,” and together with the Distributor Settlement Agreement, the “Settlement Agreements”). All capitalized terms used in this dashboard have the meanings set forth in the Settlement Agreements.

The current allocations and payments below are the amounts that the indicated State(s) and/or Subdivision(s) have been allocated pursuant to the Settlement Agreements, and the amounts that have been paid to date.

The projected calculations below are the amounts that the indicated State(s) and/or Subdivision(s) would receive pursuant to the Settlement Agreements if all relevant facts and circumstances were to remain unchanged. Be advised, however, that the relevant facts and circumstances, including but not limited to current levels of State and Subdivision participation, are subject to change and thus, there are no guarantees regarding the amounts or timing of any future payment(s). The amounts and timing of any future payments will be governed by the terms of the Settlement Agreements.

Payment timing and amounts are subject to change and may be affected by, among other things, increased participation in a State, a State’s eligibility for Incentive Payment D, and suspensions or offsets related to Later Litigating Subdivisions. See, e.g., Section IV, Section XII, and Section XIII of the Distributor Settlement Agreement and Section V and Section IX of the Janssen Settlement Agreement. Payment timing and amounts may also be affected by the Pre-payment Option and/or Significant Financial Constraint provisions of the Distributor Settlement Agreement (Section IV. J and Section IV. K). Please also note that these projected calculations do not take into account any Settlement Fund Administrator costs and fees that exceed the available interest accrued in the Settlement Fund.

Note that some Subdivisions have directed their opioid settlement funds to other Subdivisions or their State, and the current allocations and projected calculations account for those reallocations. Use the dropdown menu to select from the full list of States and Territories.

If the below State elected to receive payments as a Lump Sum to later distribute to Participating Subdivisions, the allocations and projected calculations will only provide details related to those lump sum amounts. Questions related to how those Lump Sum amounts were further allocated will need to be directed to the State Attorney General’s Office.

Certain States separately settled with the Settling Distributors and/or Janssen and those payments are not reflected in this public dashboard. Further details regarding the States that separately settled can be found in the National Opioid Settlements Dashboard available at Distributor Janssen Settlements – National Opioids Settlement (